Celebrating 50 years of New Liturgical Feasts—1 & 2 July 2022

The ‘Pfaff at 50’ conference was held at the University of Nottingham 1 & 2 July 2022.

Thank you to all the delegates and attendees who helped to make ‘Pfaff at 50’ a great success. Thanks, too, to the conference team at U Nottingham and to the students assistants.

A recording of the 2022 Medium Ævum annual lecture will be made available soon.

In 1970, Richard W. Pfaff’s New Liturgical Feasts in Later Medieval England fundamentally changed the way humanities scholars thought and wrote about English religious development in the long fifteenth century. ‘Pfaff at Fifty’ aims to take stock of the enduring legacy of New Liturgical Feasts by reconsidering the important questions that this touchstone book raised.

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The 2022 Medium Ævum Annual Lecture

July 2, 2022

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Register here for the lecture’s livestream (MS Teams) and in-person attendance.

Staying in Nottingham

For those folks joining Pfaff @ 50 in-person, accommodation will of course be required. You can refer to the links below as you plan your stay.

The University of Nottingham’s information about accommodations for Staff and Visitors can be found here.

The DeVere Orchard hotel is located on the University of Nottingham campus. We cannot guarantee availability, of course.

The Visit Nottingham website offers a search function and category breakdowns for accommodations (e.g. hotel, b&b, self-catering) in the city. The site also features some great lists of things to do and see in and around Nottingham.